WE1S Bibliography

The WE1S Bibliography includes research works, information resources, guides, and other materials that the WE1S project has found useful in conducting its exploration of public discourse on the humanities. (The WE1S Bibliography is edited by Naz Keynejad with Alan Liu.)

(all) Lists of News Sources | Databases with News Archives | History of Journalism | Journalism Studies | Journalism Statistics | Journalism Organizations | Non-profit or NGO Journalism Organizations | Data Journalism | Fake News | Media Bias | Journalism and Minorities | Press Freedom | News & Social Media | World & International Journalism

(all) Corpus Representativeness | Comparison Paradigms for WE1S Corpus: Archives | Canons | Corpus Linguistics | Editions

(all) Artificial Intelligence | Big Data | Data Mining | Data Notebooks (Jupyter Notebooks) | Data Visualization (see also Topic Model Visualizations) | Hierarchical Clustering | Interpretation & Interpretability (see also Topic Model Interpretation) | Mapping | Natural Language Processing | Network Analysis | Reporting & Documentation Methods | Sentiment Analysis | Social Media Analysis | Statistical Methods | Text Analysis (see also Topic Modeling)Wikification | Word Embedding & Vector Semantics
Digital Humanities (all) (selected resources related to WE1S methods or issues)
Cultural & Social Approaches in DH | Distant Reading | Topic Modeling in DH

Topic Modeling (all)

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