Area of Focus Reports

The WhatEvery1Says (WE1S) project uses digital humanities methods to study public discourse about the humanities. The WE1S project team assembled an English-language primary corpus of articles and other material from publications (including newspapers, magazines, and television and radio transcripts) that is studied using text-analysis methods.

Corpus scoping work identified publications and databases for the primary WE1S corpus. Research assistants were assigned to cover one or several “areas of focus” in order to ensure that WE1S achieved some measure of representativeness in its main corpus. Areas of focus, for example, include global nations and regions, alternative/indie sources, and news sources targeted toward various racial, ethnic, and gender groups.

As the project proceeded, research assistants produced reports on their areas of focus that raised thought-provoking questions and reflections about representativeness, canonicity, source availability, and the source collection process. These reports appear below. (Reports Editor: Giorgina Paiella.)

African News Sources

Canadian News Sources

Central and South American News Sources

Diverse Populations News Sources

European News Sources

Hispanophone Caribbean News Sources

Mexican News Sources

Middle Eastern News Sources

Political Orientation News Sources 

United Kingdom News Sources 

U.S. Online News Sources

U.S. Spanish Language Sources