WE1S Reports (and Research Blog Posts)

WE1S’s researchers produced a series of reports during various phases of the project, ranging from Area of Focus and Scoping Reports early in the project to Research Blog Posts as our work proceeded.

These long-form reports are part of our total system of reporting, another important niche in which is filled by our one-page “cards” that communicate in bite-sized chunks. (An important “explainability” method in data science originally inspired by documentation methods in medical and nutrition research, “cards” give essential information, examples, and evidence summaries. (See our Methods card M-1 on “cards.”)

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WE1S Reporting System
WE1S Reporting System

WE1S logo iconArea of Focus Reports

Area of Focus reports identify publication and database sources for journalistic materials for different nations and regions, alternative/indie sources, and news sources related to various racial, ethnic, and gender groups. They also discuss sociopolitical and other contexts of journalism within an area, as well a challenges for accessing a representative sample of materials.

WE1S logo iconScoping Reports

Scoping Reports explore relevant contexts for the WE1S project by reviewing research on journalism and media impact as well as concepts such as the “edition,” “canon,” and “corpus linguistics” providing analogies for creating a “representative” corpus of journalistic materials.

WE1S logo iconResearch Blog

Research Blog Posts explore in long-form writing a variety of the sociocultural, theoretical, methodological, technical, and curricular implications of our work. These posts are contributed by our researchers at all levels—including faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates.

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Area of Focus reports (collage) Scoping reports (collage)

See our Area of Focus and Scoping research reports.

WE1S Research Blog Samples (collage_
WE1S Research Blog Samples