Call-for-Communication Recommendations

WE1S “Call-for-Communication” recommendations suggest innovations in dialogue, discussion, presentation, publicity, and other to-and-fro communications between the humanities and the broader public (and the media). What are the best new ways for the public to listen to what the humanities are all about? And What are the best new ways for the humanities in return to listen to what the public is all about?

As in our similar Call-to-Action recommendations, we present our Calls-for-Communication in the form of one-page “cards.” (See our cards method.)

These recommendations stem from our project’s big-data research on how the humanities are perceived by the public as represented by, or in, the media. See our research Key Findings.

Coupling together our research findings, collections, methods, and tools with our recommendations allows us to imagine holistic Research-to-Action Toolkits for the humanities, only initial prototypes for which we have started making.

We hope that others will use our research to create their own recommendations and toolkits, which we would be happy to publish on our site. (Write to

WE1S Recommendations Overview

Communications Universities & Colleges Can Make

How can higher education institutions foster acts of communication that encourage dialogue about, engagement with, and understanding of the humanities in the broader public?