Key Tools & Software

WE1S has created or adapted for its use tools and software for processing, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting topic models based on large collections of texts. This software is assembled into a workflow platform organized into two main parts: the WE1S Workspace and WE1S Manager.

The WE1S workflow platform and component software are described through brief explanatory cards available below. (See WE1S “documentation cards” concept).

Because WE1S’s intended project deliverables include not just findings and recommendations for the public but also, secondarily, methods and software for digital humanities scholars, the project makes its workflow platform available open-source. To download software, go to the project’s GitHub repositories. (See also “Intellectual Property Description of WE1S Software”).

Computing Environment

[Description pending.]

WE1S Workflow Platform

The WE1S Workspace is where our project creates topic models and model visualizations from collections of texts. The WE1S Manager facilitates documenting and assembling "bag of words" datasets derived from text collections (stored in our project in a MongoDB database), tools and processes, and outputs in coordination with Workspace.

Component Tools in the WE1S Workflow Platform

[Description pending.]

WE1S Topic Model Visualization Tools

[Description pending.]