Reading with Scientists, Week 1: Beginning with Frankenstein

How would you characterize the current relationship between literature and science at UCSB? This question kicked off our first day of “Reading with Scientists: How to Export Literature.” Groups of students came up to the board and mapped out where they see the disciplines converging and diverging; their collective notes opened a number of doors […]

Reading with Scientists: Syllabus Design

To celebrate the first day of “Reading with Scientists: How to Export Literature,” I’d like to share our syllabus (attached below) and briefly describe the thought process behind it. The purpose of the course is to imagine ways that we might teach literature in non-literary settings, like science classrooms. Our two sessions each week will […]

Five Principles for Teaching Humanities Advocacy

As I prepare to bring humanities advocacy into the classroom this year, I want to reflect on some initial guiding principles. I intend this list to be malleable – I hope it will grow and change as I move through the teaching process. Let’s start with a definition. What is “humanities advocacy”? For me, the […]

An Introduction to the WE1S Curriculum Lab

This post marks the inauguration of a year-long endeavor: a blog series associated with the WE1S Curriculum Lab. The Curriculum Lab is imagined as a pedagogical counterpart to the research agenda of WhatEvery1Says. As the Lab collects teaching tools, resources, and experiences, we hope to elucidate and nuance the project’s conceptual core by working through […]