Surveys on the Humanities

As part of our human subjects research, the WE1S team used surveys to collect information about how people experience the humanities at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Miami. Surveys were open to both undergraduate and non-undergraduate participants. In conducting this research, our overarching goal is to situate our big-data corpus in relation to the perspectives and values of communities closer to home.


Survey Questions

Survey questions cover basic demographic information, educational background, and experiences with the humanities.

Our surveys were administered through the Qualtrics platform, but below you can find PDF versions of the questions used by the UC Santa Barbara team and the University of Miami team. Click on each thumbnail to see the questions in full. 


thumbnail of Survey on the Humanities Questions (UCSB)
Survey on the Humanities Questions (UCSB version)

thumbnail of UM WE1S Survey
Survey on the Humanities Questions (UM version)


(Note: this survey is split into two branches, depending on whether participants answered Yes or No to being an undergraduate. The questions therefore appear to start over on p 23 of UCSB’s document and on p 27 of UM’s document. The branches are very similar but vary slightly for undergraduate and non-undergraduate audiences.)


Populations Surveyed

The following cards provide overviews of the participants who responded to our survey. Participants are grouped into “Undergraduates” and “Non-Undergraduates” (the latter group mainly consists of graduate students, faculty, staff, and administrators at both campuses.)

University of Miami

UC Santa Barbara


Survey Results

The following resources provide more detailed information about how people responded to our survey.

University of Miami

UC Santa Barbara

  • UCSB Survey Results – Demographics (to come)
  • UCSB Survey Results – Educational Experiences (to come)
  • UCSB Survey Results – Perceptions of the Humanities (to come)
  • UCSB Codebook – Lays out themes that our research team identified in responses to text-based survey questions (to come)


Surveys were conducted with approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Offices on our respective campuses. In addition, both the UCSB and U Miami teams carried out a series of Focus Groups to discuss the humanities in more depth with participants.