Focus Groups on the Humanities

In addition to our surveys on the humanities, WE1S human subjects research teams at the University of Miami and UC Santa Barbara also facilitated a series of Focus Groups (three on each campus), in order to speak directly with participants about their educational experiences. Such sessions provided us with a more in-depth understanding of how our communities perceive and interact with the humanities. We were also able to engage with voices that are otherwise underrepresented in our corpus, such as those of first-generation college students.

Below, you can find transcripts of each Focus Group. We also provide supporting materials, such as discussion prompts and worksheets. Click on each thumbnail image to access the full PDF.


University of Miami Focus Group Transcripts

thumbnail of um-focus-group-1-transcript

March 2, 2020 UM Focus Group 1 – Non-Undergraduate Participants

thumbnail of um-focus-group-2-transcript

March 5, 2020 UM Focus Group 2 – Non-Undergraduate Participants

thumbnail of um-focus-group-3-transcript

March 5, 2020 UM Focus Group 3 – Undergraduate Participants


UC Santa Barbara Focus Group Transcripts

thumbnail of we1s-ucsb-undergrad-focus-group-5-9-2019

May 9, 2019 UCSB Focus Group 1 – Undergraduate Participants

thumbnail of we1s-ucsb-firstgen-focus-group-5-13-2019

May 13, 2019 UCSB Focus Group 2 – First-Generation Undergraduate Participants

thumbnail of we1s-ucsb-nonundergrad-focus-group-6-5-2019

June 5, 2019 UCSB Focus Group 3 – Faculty, Staff, Graduate Student, and Undergraduate Participants


These transcripts are made available in accordance with our Informed Consent documentation, which received IRB approval from our institutions. All names and other overtly identifying information have been removed.


Supporting Materials


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