Sample Student Work

The work included here was created by students in Dr. Abigail Droge’s course, “Reading Communities: The Social Life of Literature” (English 165RC, UC Santa Barbara, Spring 2020). Building from a topic model of student newspaper articles containing the words “humanities” or “liberal arts,” students worked in teams to make their own Research-to-Action Toolkits, geared towards specific imagined audiences of their choosing. Each student contributed a Key Finding Card and an Action Card to their team’s Toolkit.

The materials below are posted with student permission. (Students who granted permission had the opportunity to designate whether they wanted materials to appear with their full names, first names, or anonymously.)

Key Finding Cards

Self-inflicted time constraints inhibit the college experience as students feel pressure to abide by a traditional timeline,” Lupita Barragan (view associated Action Card)

[More to come]

Action Cards

Deconstruct the Idea of Time-Limits on College Experience: Host a Series of Lectures that Promote Engagement in Extracurricular Activities,” Lupita Barragan (view associated Key Finding Card)

[More to come]