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Collection 21: U.S. Top Newspapers, 2000-2018
(articles mentioning humanities or science)

Collection 21 contains data representing all 15,692 articles from its set of sources in these years
mentioning “humanities” but only a sampling of the 388,691 articles mentioning “science” or “sciences” from those
same sources and years. It downsamples “science(s)” articles (while maintaining the proportions of articles
from particular sources and years) to achieve a 50/50 balance of articles related to the humanities and
sciences. The purpose is to allow media discourse on the humanities to be studied alongside that on the sciences and
not be buried so far down in the statistical pile that it cannot easily be seen in detail. Collection 21 is
thus not a representation of the relative weight of discussion of the humanities and sciences but instead an aid to
studying the fine features and structures of each.

News sources in Collection 21 include: Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Daily News (New York), Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, Houston Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, New York Times (and its blogs), Newsday (New York), Seattle Times, Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN), Tampa Bay Times, USA Today, Washington Post.

Suggested citation: WE1S Project, Collection 21: U.S. Top Newspapers, 2000-2018 (Articles
Mentioning “Humanities” or “Science”)
, 2019, doi:[TBD]

Information about This Collection

  • Created by: Lindsay Thomas
  • Created on: July 5th 2019, 4:45:05 pm
  • WE1S Collection Registry ID: 20190705_1645_us-humanities-sciences-top-newspapers
  • Data source: LexisNexis (via LN Web Services Kit)
  • Collection dataset (“non-consumptive use” data derived from the original texts): doi:[TBD]

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