Zotero Workshop

Feb. 5, 2019 (UCSB South Hall 2509) — by Alan Liu

This workshop guide was prepared for general use, but includes examples and a last section keyed to the WE1S project. Currently, the workshop guide with instructions on using Zotero and also the Zotpress plugin for integrating Zotero with the WE1S WordPress site is contained in a Google Doc (table of contents below with links to specific sections). (This page created 2/4/19; last rev. 2/5/19)

(0) Examples of final results (citations & bibliographies generated from Zotero)

(1) Citation Style Language (CSL)

(2) About Zotero

(3) ZoteroBib (using Zotero without an account to create quick-and-easy citations)

(4) Zotero Account, App, and Browser “Connector”

(5) Zotero Workflows

(6) Adding Notes and Attachments in Zotero

(7) Using Tags in Zotero
(tags can be revised later, with instant update for all citations)

(8) Generating (and exporting) citations & bibliographies from Zotero

(9) Zotero Best Practices

(10) Using the Zotpress plugin for WordPress

(11) Workflow and issues specific to the WE1S (WhatEvery1Says) project