Kristin Cornelius

Kristin B. Cornelius

Kristin B. Cornelius is a researcher of the ethics and material performance of documents, the rhetoric of consumer contracts, the recordkeeping practices of evidence, and future forms of computable and machine-readable contracts (e.g., smart contracts, Ricardian contracts, visualized contracts). She has demonstrated success in teaching (graduate and undergraduate), project management, event organizing, policy and governance participation, and professional mixed-methods research. Previously, Kristin was a composition instructor at Cal State U. Northridge from 2010-2014, where she received her BA in English and Philosophy (2009) and MA in Rhetoric and Composition (2012). She earned her PhD in Information Studies from UCLA in Spring 2019 and continues to work in the field of textuality studies and rhetoric by studying the documentation and record keeping practices of contracts and evidence as they exist within current information and institutional systems in the business, law, and financial sectors.