WE1S Ryver Guide

(created by Giorgina Paiella, June 2018; last rev. 26 June 2018)

  • Ryver works on a web browser, and there’s also a Ryver mobile app available.

  • Our Ryver organization name is “WE1S”. Log in with your username or email address and the password that you set up for yourself.

  • Once you log in, the side bar on the left hand side of your screen allows you to search for messages and topics and displays your notifications, task stream, open forums, private teams, and the direct message feature.

  • Be sure to navigate to the “Notifications” tab to ensure you are receiving notifications from Ryver. If you click on “Settings” within “Notifications,” you can customize your notification preferences.

  • “All Hands” is the open forum for all participants, project managers, and PIs. This is where we post messages that are relevant to all WE1S members.

  • We also have several private teams geared toward more targeted groups and activities (for example, I’ve invited you all to “Summer Research Camp (UCSB) Teammates” and “Summer Research 2018 (All) Teammates”).

  • To post a message to either the All Hands open forum or a private team, be sure to navigate to that group and click “Topics” (rather than “Chat”) and click the plus sign icon to write a new message. You’ll then be able to add a title, the content of your message, and add any attachments or links.

  • There is also a “Direct Messages” feature that shows who is currently online and allows you to send a private message to another WE1S team member.

  • We will be using both the individual and team task features for summer research camp tasks. To create a task, navigate to your respective group, click on “Tasks,” click the plus sign, and then click “Create Task.” This allows you to create tasks and checklists, set due dates for tasks, set personal reminders for individual tasks, and assign tasks to team members. You can view tasks in the “Task Stream” on the side bar.

  • If you’re interested, there are many Ryver tutorials that can be found here on Ryver’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ7plfP8ZUHxpKQmUVCHOG7HPpxH8N5gn