Research Outputs

The WhatEvery1Says (WE1S) project uses digital humanities methods to study public discourse about the humanities at large data scales. The project concentrates on, but is not limited to, journalistic articles available in digital textual form beginning circa 1981. In the process of its work, WE1S is also developing tools and guidelines to create an open, generalizable, and replicable digital humanities methodology.  (See fuller statement of research goals.)

Research Outputs to Date

Currently in the first year of a three-year development timeline, WE1S is still in the process of collecting materials and performing initial analyses. Along the way, it is producing supporting research that has its own value as output. These include:

Current Primary Research Activities

  • Summer Research Camps – WE1S summer research camps at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and California State University, Northridge (CSUN) enlist student research assistants for five weeks each year in intensive work focused on data collection and analysis, scholarly research on contexts and methods, technical experimentation, and the creation of humanities advocacy resources. In some project years, WE1S recruits students from other institutions for its research camps through co-sponsorship from their colleges or universities.