WE1S Directors

  • Alan Liu, Principal Investigator (Professor, English Dept., UCSB)
  • Jeremy Douglass, Co-PI (Assistant Professor, English Dept., UCSB)
  • Scott Kleinman, Co-PI (Professor, English Dept., California State U. Northridge)
  • Lindsay Thomas, Co-P (Assistant Professor, English Dept., Miami U.)

Other Research Faculty & Staff

  • Mauro Carassai (Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies Dept., California State U. Northridge)
  • Greg Janée, WE1S Sustainability and Usability Advisor (Director, Data Curation Program, UCSB Library; Developer, UC Curation Center at California Digital Library)

WE1S Graduate Student

Former Graduate Student participants

Former Undergraduate Student participants

  • Nate Diamond (Computer Science major, UCSB)
  • Tyler Weimin Ouyang (Computer Science major, UCSB)
  • Austin Yack (English and Political Science major, UCSB)

Also see: Advisory Board [TBD]

(Last updated: 11 Nov. 2017)