Interpretation Protocol (live Qualtrics surveys)

The WE1S Interpretation Protocol for topic models is implemented as a set of Qualtrics surveys with declared steps for observing and drawing conclusions from topic models. The surveys are designed to be mix-and-matched in sequence or in parallel depending on the needs of a particular research problem.

Below are links to the live surveys. Surveys can only be used by one person (i.e., computer) at a time in a unique session. Teams working on a survey together might collaborate by using the Word doc reference copies of Interpretation Protocol modules to draft responses together–e.g., by copying them into a Google Drive space and working on them together.

Surveys finish with an option to request an emailed copy of answers. Note: Trial runs of surveys can be designated as such. Once a survey is started, it must be completed–even if only with incomplete answers–before restarted. Incomplete surveys.

Getting an overview of a topic model:

Specific research tasks:

Final research steps: