United Kingdom Team — Starter Kit

This starter kit consists of an "area of focus" report (if it exists) prepared by a member of the WE1S C-Hackers team during academic year 2017-18, initial high-priority sources to collect suggested by the C-Hackers, and suggestions for initial research questions to address. For the session during Orientation Day 2 at our summer camp, each AM team should treat these starting-kit materials as initial suggestion, and then revise, fine-tune, or simplify them to create:
    • An initial collection queue of sources (can be organized as "stage 1" for immediate collection, and future stages for next to be collected)
    • An initial research question or two that the first set of collected materials can help answer--especially questions that can help guide future stages of collection (e.g., "Do we need to collect on the phrase 'liberal arts' in addition to 'humanities'?")
Other useful reference sources: Shared Google Drive folder Template for queuing requests:
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United Kingdom


  • UCSB
    • Jennifer Hessler
    • Abigail Droge
  • CSUN
    • Samantha Wallace
    • Scott Kleinman

Area of Focus Report (prepared by WE1S C-Hackers Group in 2017-18)

Correspondent 1:

A (Heavily intellectual, highly serious)

The Guardian – Centre Left (Labour, some Lib Dem)
The Independent – Centre Left (Labour and Lib Dem)
The Observer – Centre Left (Labour and Lib Dem)
The Financial Times – Centrist (Mixed)
The Times – Centrist (Mixed) *I would say it was Centre Right*
The Telegraph – Centre Right (Conservative) *I would say it was Right*

B (Intellectual and serious, but cut down for the convenience of the reader without much time on his or her hands)

The i – Centre Left (Labour and Lib Dem)
The Morning Star – Left (Socialist parties, some Labour)

C (Non-intellectual, sensationalist, often derided by readers of A and B papers)

Mirror – Centre Left (Labour)
Express – Right (Conservative, UKIP)
Mail – Right (Conservative, UKIP)

D (Very non-intellectual, hugely sensationalist and barely qualify as newspapers at all)

Sun – Right (Conservative)
Star – Right (Conservative and far right parties)
News of The World – Right (Conservative)

I would say that this is probably a good range.

there is also


There are four national daily newspapers in Scotland:

• The Daily Record (Trinity Mirror) is Scotland’s leading tabloid
• The Scotsman (Johnston Press), based in Edinburgh, is a former broadsheet now printed in tabloid format[1]
• The Herald (Newsquest), based in Glasgow, is Scotland’s only broadsheet newspaper
• The National (Newsquest), based in Glasgow, launched in 2014 following the 2014 independence referendum.
Major regional dailies: The Courier and Advertiser in Dundee and the east, and The Press and Journal serving Aberdeen and the north.


-The only English-language Wales-based national newspaper is the Western Mail, produced by Trinity Mirror. Its Sunday counterpart is the Wales on Sunday.

Northern Ireland:
– The Irish News, seen as pro-Social Democratic and Labour Party, and the Unionist-leaning Belfast Newsletter. The Belfast Telegraph is the main evening newspaper in Northern Ireland.

Slightly longer list than you asked for, but thats the major central and regional ones covered. If you wanted to drop two, drop The i – Centre Left (Labour and Lib Dem)
The Morning Star.

Correspondent 2:
I would say:The TimesThe GuardianThe Daily TelegraphThe ScotsmanYorkshire PostWestern Mail
The Daily MailThe Daily MirrorThe Sunday TimesThe Observer

The Sunday Telegraph

Evening Standard

What about Times Higher Education Supplement, Times Education Supplement and Times Literary Supplement – would these suit your purposes?

For magazines, there is also the Spectator and the New Statesman.

I have omitted newspapers which don’t necessarily cover the past thirty years e.g. the Independent, the European, Daily Sketch, News Chronicle.

I was at the University of Sussex yesterday, and was struck by the way that this prototypical 1960s university had a dominating Arts Building and an Artsx Road, but no mention of the humanities.


Initial Collection Plan Suggestion (prepared by WE1S C-Hackers Group in 2017-18)

  • These are newspapers suggested by Alan’s British colleagues. These need to be organized, prioritized, and staged for collection. (We also need to verify that all are in LexisNexis; some are not.)
    • Daily Express
    • Daily Mail
    • Daily Mirror
    • Daily Record (Scotland)
    • Daily Telegraph
    • Evening Standard
    • Financial Times
    • The Herald (Scotland)
    • The Independent
    • Irish News (Northern Ireland)
    • London Times
    • The National (Scotland)
    • News of the World
    • The Observer
    • The Scotsman (Scotland)
    • The Star
    • The Sun
    • Sunday Telegraph
    • Sunday Times
    • Western Mail (produced by Trinity Mirror) (Wales)
    • Yorkshire Post
  • Stage 1 – Collect from major metropolitan newspapers on the phrases “humanities,” “liberal arts” and “the arts”
  • Stage 2 – Collect from regional papers

Initial Research Questions  (suggestions)

  • Should we collected on “the arts” in addition to “humanities”?
  • Should we increase or decrease the number of regional or local newspapers in our corpus?
  • How do we deal with Sunday versions of papers in the UK?
  • What is the right balance between high brow and low brow tabloids?