Middle East & Africa Team — Starter Kit

This starter kit consists of an "area of focus" report (if it exists) prepared by a member of the WE1S C-Hackers team during academic year 2017-18, initial high-priority sources to collect suggested by the C-Hackers, and suggestions for initial research questions to address. For the session during Orientation Day 2 at our summer camp, each AM team should treat these starting-kit materials as initial suggestion, and then revise, fine-tune, or simplify them to create:
    • An initial collection queue of sources (can be organized as "stage 1" for immediate collection, and future stages for next to be collected)
    • An initial research question or two that the first set of collected materials can help answer--especially questions that can help guide future stages of collection (e.g., "Do we need to collect on the phrase 'liberal arts' in addition to 'humanities'?")
Other useful reference sources: Shared Google Drive folder Template for queuing requests:
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source and or publication :
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end date :
(optional) any comments :

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Team Number: 7

Middle East & Africa


  • UCSB
    • Nazanin Keynejad
    • Tyler Shoemaker

Area of Focus Report (prepared by WE1S C-Hackers Group in 2017-18)

Initial Collection Plan Suggestion (prepared by WE1S C-Hackers Group in 2017-18)

  • Middle East (suggested by Nazanin Keynejad from C-Hackers Group in 2017-18)
    • Stage 1: (Naz — “ None of these sources are available on our databases, so searches have be done manually on the source websites”)
      • Ynet News (Israel)
      • The Daily Star (Lebanon)
      • Times of Oman
      • Iran Focus
      • Al Jazeera (Qatar)
    • Stage 2:
      • The Jordan Times
      • Kuwait Times
      • Gulf Times (Qatar)
      • Saudi Gazette
      • Emirates 24/7
      • Iran News Daily
      • Iranian Students News Agency
      • Islamic Republic News Agency
      • Libya Herald
      • Rudaw (Iraq-Kurdistan)
  • Africa (suggested by Tyler Shoemaker from C-Hackers Group in 2017-18)
    • Stage 1:
      • Africanews (because Africa-based news syndicate)
      • BBC Monitoring (because non-African news syndicate)
      • Cape Argus (because circulation numbers [also has a high press freedom ranking])
      • Algeria Press Service (because press freedom ranking [low])
      • Mmegi/The Reporter (because tabloid)
    • Stage 2:
      • afrol News (Sweden)
      • The Herald (Harare)
      • The Sun (Lagos)
      • The Star (Johannesburg)
      • The New Times (Kigali)
      • Nairobi Star (Nairobi)
      • The Inquirer (Monrovia)
      • The Mercury (Durban)
      • Egypt Independent (Cairo)
      • The Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra)

Initial Research Questions  (suggestions)

  • [TBD]